Summerdale AL Has Homes For Sale For You

Summerdale is a small community in south central Baldwin County bordering the city of Foley and only a few minutes away from the beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores.

Currently, considers the Summerdale housing market to be a buyer’s market. There are almost 150 properties for sale near Summerdale ranging from $14,000 into the millions of dollars. We can find something right for you in that range.

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The median asking price for a home in Summerdale is $163,ooo, while the median sold price in $162,000, so if you are selling you can possibly get what you are asking for your house. The median price per square foot is $100, very affordable compared to other cities in the area.

I’d be honored to work with you to buy or sell a home near Summerdale. I know the city and the housing market very well, having lived most of my life within a few miles of town.Give Me a Call at (251)978-6275 and let me help you.

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Cities and Towns near Summerdale

To the north – Robertsdale

To the west – Silverhill

To the south – Foley