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Charming family homes line the banks of the Magnolia River in the quaint little town.

Magnolia Springs is a growing community with a number of new family homes being built through out town. But it is the splendid older houses with their grand oaks and azaleas that draw the most attention.

Currently there are about 30 properties available for sale in Magnolia Springs ranging from building lots for under $20,000 to a 10 bedroom, 10,000 square foot riverfront home asking over 2 million dollars.

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Postal Service By Boat

The last remaining place in the United States where the U.S. Postal Service still delivers mail by water year ’round. This video gives some really nice views of Magnolia Springs. Warning: You will want to move to Magnolia Springs after watching this.

Manatees in Magnolia Springs

Magnolia Springs has always attracted visitors that enjoy the cool, fresh water the Magnolia River offers. Most locals know you can always stop by on your way home from the Gulf to wash off the salt and cool off.

Over the last 10 years or so, manatees from Florida have found there way to Magnolia Springs in the summer. The Magnolia River is a great place for these peaceful mammals in the summertime, but we get a little too cold in the winter time and it becomes life threatening for manatees to remain in our waters. Here is a video of a manatee rescue from a few years ago.


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