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Questions you may have for your realtor?

How long have you been a real estate agent?

Ive been a realtor going on 8 years and a broker for 3.


Why did you become an agent? What drives you?

This journey started when I was asked to manage a neighbors condo close to mine. I found out that you have to have a real estate license to do that legally so I went ahead and got one. I quickly found I loved the business. Once many years before I had started on my license with an on line course. So My love of property has always been there! IM always in search of a good deal, development opportunity, or that perfect sunset view! It’s all about the hunt! I’ve found all my treasures so I needed someone else to hunt for. I love the marketing, the negotiating, the getting it done!

Do you specialize in a specific type of property?

I’m a Baldwin Co Board of Realtors Certified Rural Specialist. Being a farm girl I love the land. But Waterfront homes and property are also one of my niches. Since I grew up on the water, I know flooding. What floods , when and why.  I’ve been selling homes and land all over Baldwin, but mostly south of 1-10.



Kayaking down by our condo or on Fish river. Visiting family and friends. Antiquing.


Where are you from? If not from the area, how long have you lived here?

I was born and raised on Bohemian Hall Road in Silverhill Al and I’m a 7th generation Bishop and part of the National Heritage Foundation.


What do you love most about this area?

Family, friends and  farming. Water views, great sunsets and Live music. OUR QUALITY Of LIFE!!


Your best tip for a buyer?

Know what you can afford to buy. Be in contact with a lender so that you can repair credit if there is a problem. But the biggest tip is to contact a realtor.  Be loyal to that realtor because they will work hard to find you the  ideal property. Don’t do what I did! I spend years looking on my own. Then I found the property I had been searching for only to find It had JUST Went under contract yesterday! I would have had 20 years of bliss and  I’d be 350K richer today had I just called a realtor to work on my behalf. The story comes full circle as  I sold that very property I missed out on to one of my first clients. It was on Fish River and had Never flooded!  Don’t miss out on your dream! Realtors can help you with that!


Your best tip for a seller?

Experience and connections are everything in this business. Hire an experienced agent or one that has a great mentor whom they can ask questions.  Listing a home is an art. Pricing , pictures and Marketing are Huge.  And the biggest take away….  Hire someone who you like! You will have to spend a good deal of time with them. There is a perfect match for you out there and it may not be me.  You might not like my down to earth tell it like it is hold nothing back attitude.